What is impervious?

Impervious surface means any paved, hardened, or structural surface, regardless of material, including but not limited to driveway, parking areas, patios, decks, pools, dams, tennis courts, and other structures.  Each lot has an allocation (in square feet) of impervious by category (A, B, C, D, E, and F).    The lower category covers each category above it.  So, if you have E impervious, it will work for A-E needs.  If you have D impervious, it will work for A-D needs. 

What governing body oversees impervious?

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).

Who do I contact to determine my allocation of impervious?

Jackie Diebel at the City of Roswell has a chart with the allocation of impervious for every lot in Ellard.  Her email is  She will need your lot number.

How do I determine if I have unused impervious on my lot?

You will need to get an "As Built" survey done by a licensed surveyer.  The survey will contain a calculation of the amount of impervious that you used by category.  You may have excess impervious or you may have a deficit.  If you have excess, you can use it on your lot or transfer/sell it.  If you have a deficit, you do not need to resolve the deficit unless you want to a project (e.g., built a pool) that requires more impervious.

Where do I get more impervious?

Ellard does not own any impervious.  There are two available sources for Ellard impervious at this time:

Ed Schiffer (

How do I acquire and transfer impervious to my lot?

Once you acquire impervious from the Reserve or another homeowner, the selling party will send a letter to the City of Roswell, stating the lot numbers and amount of impervious by category being transferred.  The City of Roswell maintains records on all transfers and updates the chart with all impervious allocations.

Can I acquire impervious from outside of Ellard?

 No, you cannot acquire and transfer impervious from other people or reserves (e.g., Horseshoe Bend) to a lot in Ellard.